Overindulged this festive season?

Try one of our delicious hot and cold salads not only do they taste amazing they’re good for the waistline too!

Well its that time of the year again and what is your New Year’s Resolution?

For most of us this time of year means that there is only one thought on our minds and that is to lose weight.

Well here at Europa we have the answer on a plate!

Take a look at our selection of great salads we have “di pollo e pancetta” insalate which is pictured above a hot salad with grilled chicken breast and pancetta served on a bed of mixed leaves, tomatoes, olives, onions and parmesan shavings or if you fancy a “surf & turf” option why not try our “gamberi e salsiccia” salad which fills the entire plate which again is an amazing warm salad of king prawns and spicy Italian sausage great value at only £12.95

Not forgetting our new blackboard options which are changed daily. Who said dieting is boring?